Оптический сортировщик NIR

Применимые материалы

Packaging /Refuse Derived Fuel(RDF)/Thermoplastics /Paper /Commercial&Industrial Waste, PET/PVC

Принцип и преимущество продукта

Working principle: The advanced infrared sensor is used to effectively identify the materials of different wavelengths and ejected through the high pressure valve to achieve the purpose of sorting. 

Advantage: NIR sorting machine is suitable for all kinds of common solid waste sorting, apart from black materials. It can be said to be an omnipotent sorting machine.

Обмен обращениями

История клиента:

There is a large waste sorting company in Turkey, looking for professional equipment that can sort water bottles and milk bottles.The company used to sort large bottles manually, with low output and high labor cost. he hopes to find suitable equipment to solve these problems.

Сырье заказчика:

Customer raw material figure 1

Сырье заказчика рисунок 1

Customer raw material figure 2

Сырье заказчика рисунок 2

Потребительский спрос:

The bottle can be sorted with whole body or sorted after crushing as long as the purity reaches at 98%.

Продукты, рекомендуемые клиентам

NIR Optical Sorter

Оптический сортировщик NIR

Color Sorter

Сортировщик по цвету

The company found Haibao factory on Alibaba.com, and our machine could handle his materials.The material is water bottles and milk bottles, they are easy to be collected. After discussion via email and video, our area manager made a machine test for customer. Half year later, the customer came to China and visited our factory in Jiangsu Province, and the machine was repeatedly tested more than 10 times. Finally, the purchase plan was determined before leaving, and the deposit was placed. After the equipment reached the customer's destination, our regional manager and engineer finished the installation within 3 days. At the same time, the relevant personnel of the customer was trained for machine using, debugging and troubleshooting. Ten days later, Haibao staff left the customer company. Customers are very satisfied with our service and admire the professionalism of Haibao.


After sorting

После сортировки

After sorting

После сортировки


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